Friday, October 9, 2009

A Haunted place to share

My Friday night story wasn't just touched me and I wanted to share.

Now I ask...did you grow up in a haunted house? I would love to hear your stories.
Here are some of mine.... just things that happened to me in my life....and what a life it is!

My great-grandmother,grandfather, uncle and , mother all died at home. My dad almost did too, but he's there still at 'home'....yes the house I grew up in. My son now lives in the very same house.
Not many people stayed the night, my house was too scary. Sometimes the water would come on all by itself, or the T.V. came on and blasted! We would hear footsteps upstairs when no one was there.

The upstairs living room was always the creepiest place to me. It just had a air about it. You know that odd feeling? There was this Cinderella clock in that room. It had stopped the minute my grandfather died and never ran again. I had to pass through that room to get to my bedroom upstairs. As soon as I stepped foot in that room that clock would chime! How I hated to go through that room. This didn't happen every night just 3-4 out of seven.

In that same room there was this shadowbox on the wall that held some nicknacks. I swear they would turn and look at you. Once I had some friends over....well let's say they saw it too. I never saw a pack of people run out the door so fast in my life!

I was only about 10-12 when my grandfather died. But almost every night I woulod hear footsteps coming up the steps....I new it was only grandpa coming to check on me, it was OK.
My grand daughter lives there now with my son. She stopped one day and pointed at a picture on my wall and said " That's Grand-Dad he talks to me sometimes at home." Now she had never met my dad, he had died before she was born....hmmmm makes you wonder.

After my dad died we rented the house out for a short time, this was before Tom, my son bought it, the tenet left about midnight one night. She did later return for her things, in the daylight. She said she kept seeing a woman in the house, just glimpses. On that last night that woman wouldn't let her alone. She was banging on the bedroom door. That's the night she left. She later discribed the 'women', she discribed my mom right down to her glasses! Guess mom didn't want her there!

This is just a tiny bit about my haunted house that I grew up in. I could tell you many stories!
Eveb to this day they are still there. Just ask my son and his family!

Come share your story!


  1. Great stories Lynda, although the hair is now standing up on the back of my neck. I would love to hear more.


  2. Wow Lynda that's spooky! Go by my blog when you have a minute. I got my gourd and I am so excited. I pimped it on my blog!! Thanks so much!! He's perfect!!

  3. This is incredible! I would LOVE to hear more about your house.

    My parents built the house I grew up in when I was no hauntings there. :(


  4. I've had some haunting experiences too! I have a blog award for you over at mine. :) I'm getting Mr. Apple out on Tuesday the post office is closed on Monday. He is looking forward to the move! :) Becca

  5. I just discovered our blog and I am enjoying reading what I have found. I love the story about your growing up in a haunted house. DH and I recently moved to an old farm house and he was actually disappointed we don't have any 'regular' visitors. Would love to hear more.

    Take Care,

  6. The house I live in now does not have the family history your's does. We inherited another family when we moved to the Ward House. There is a teen age girl who lives upstairs and loves to hang out with my teen daughters. I have had to have a chat with her though; its ok to hang out, just do not let the girls see you - it freaks 'em out. Everyone gets along fine. Now that my 18 yo step daughter has moved in, teen has been visiting that room. Step understands what is going on, it just wigs her out. I let the teen know that step is ok and that she belongs with us. No more activity... yet. I know the family that owned the house before me and our teen does not come from them. The Ward House is an 1890s farmhouse so I believe this teen comes from a much older time. She is about 15 or so and has long black hair.

  7. Great story! I'm a paranormal investigator so you can read my numerous stories on my blog if you feel so inclined.

    We've just moved into a new house and know that someone died on the property in the past two years. Haven't noticed anything...yet.