Monday, October 12, 2009

Look at my candles!!!!

I have been having fun making some fake candles for my Halloween party! By fake I real candle, these are for the battery candles. Let me warn you making these is addictive! And you will need lots of the long hotglue sticks. One candle took 7-8 glue sticks and about 1 hour.
You will find how to make these PVC candles at
or just google
' haunt your house'
I think I am going to keep some of them out all year!!!!!

I can hardly wait until my Halloween party! This year it will be on Halloween Night!!!!!! Sure hope the weather is at least dry so a nice warming bon fire can be made!Got to keep all the ghosties and ghouls warm!

I have all my 'stuff' out and ready, 14 bins of decorations...I just don't know what the weather may be like! Hoping and praying that it can be help outside! If not, heavey sigh, it will be indoors. So I have to wait to see where to decorate!!!!! Oh my!
I have some of the graveyard in place. I will have a picture trail to show everyone when it done! All this stress for one day!!!!! LOL! But Halloween only come once a year!!!!!
Until next post have a wonderful and magical evening!


  1. 14 bins???? Holy cow! LOL

    I LOVE those candles.


  2. LOVE the candles. The info on how many glue sticks it took you per candle is very helpful, thanks!