Friday, October 9, 2009

Last Ride .... Friday night story

(this is a story I retelling that I heard sometime ago as well as I can remember it)
This story I have added some artwork of mine from past years.

The old women peered out her grimmy window into the bright sky lite by the full moon.
What a perfect background for Halloween!

Her blcak cat leaped onto her lap and purred loudly. Oh so pleasent to her ears.

The cat stared into her green eyes set in a wrinkly face.
She rose from the chair and walked to the old trunk filled with the tools of her trade.
Rummaging through the odds and ends she finds what she was searching for. This will do fine she says in a whisper.. She pours the dried contents into liquid and it begins to bubble. hmmmm.... she drinks deeply... a bitter tast.

She hobbles over to the fire, a liquid green mixture boils in her cauldron.
Stiring the mixture she says....... Double, bubble, toil and trouble!
The shadow of her cat grows in size, a howl is heard outside in the woods, she shouts in response.

A gust of wind slames again the old house. Saddnes crosses the old womans face. Rejoice in the night for when the sun comes up we must return.
The old woman opens the closet and reaches inside. She pulls out and old cloak as dark as night. Tears trickled down her worn face. She pulled it tightly around herself. Next she she reached up and removed a old pointed hat from the dusty shelf, she brushed away her silver hair as she placed it on her head.

She looked around her dim room thinking of fond memories with no regretes. Her eyes landing on her cat. 'Now my dear friend for all these years, we will answer the call of this night'

She spread her arms wide as the wind began to blow harder. Her broom seemed to float towards her. " It is our time! My sisters await!"
It was Halloween night and spirits were waiting.
She sat upon her broom and took flight. This was her last night as Coven leader, a new one would be sworn in this Hallow's eve.

For the last time on this magical night she would ride into the night sky. This was her last ride.

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  1. Awww...poor crone. How sad would it be to know it was your last ride?

    LOVE your pictures, by the way.